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An Experience

By Christopher Fok

· poem,shame,writing

What a lack of shame we all feel.

I advise you to try it.

Under supervision, of course,

Humiliation, its greater cousin, so fulsome

Humbles you with its stature,

Or lack thereof.

Educates you on the nature

Of your fragility.

It is the cake

Of makeup dripping off your eyes,

That someone tried to feed you.

The open account of hope

For a laugh

At your expense.

I will see you

At the wedding. Oh,

You're not invited to.

There is no need to blush,

You've done nothing wrong.

Why? We all do it.

For the love of it.

There is nothing so human

As hiding in a hole.

It takes no dignity to learn.

Your throat could croak

If you want it to.

I'm sure you have experienced

The gamut of emotion.

But let's try it in minor key.

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